Tai Chi in the Park: New class

As the lockdown has now eased, I am starting a new outdoor Tai chi class.

The group is limited to 5 students, and social distancing rules will be observed. If there is an opportunity to increase numbers safely at a later date, I will do so.

I currently have one space left in this class, which takes place at Muller Road Recreation Ground on Tuesday evenings. Cost is £8.00 per person. If you would like to join, please email me on claire@taichibodyandmind.co.uk or use the contact form.

This will be a Tai chi form class. We will be working on the Taiji 37 form and standing postures as taught to me by Grandmaster Dr Shen Hongxun and his daughter Master Shen Jin. The class will also include standing Tai chi and Qi Gong exercises.  The form takes a while to learn, so this will be an introduction. It is important to remember that learning the form is more about the process than it is about knowing all the moves, so however much we learn over the summer, you will be getting the usual mental and physical health benefits of doing Tai Chi.  

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