Tai Chi – QiGong – Meditation classes in Bristol

Teaching Tai Chi, QiGong and Meditation for all ages from 4 to 94………

Based in Bristol, I teach QiGong Taiji 37 Form and MeditationIn essence this is about finding balance in body and mind. Health and happiness are what we are about, and this system of exercises developed by Grandmaster Dr Shen Hongxun can be practised by people of any age, whether they are in good health and physically fit, or whether they are less mobile.

Who I teach

I teach regular public classes in Bristol and South Gloucestershire. Anyone of any age is welcome to attend. Have a look at my classes page for more info.  I am also available to deliver one off or regular sessions for community groups or in offices and workplaces as part of your workplace wellbeing strategy.  I love teaching kids and I am happy to come into your school or youth group to give taster or regular sessions or exam de-stress classes.

Why try Tai Chi, QiGong & Meditation? 

Tai Chi, Qi Gong and Meditation are mindful forms of exercise that improve fitness and have a range of mental and physical health benefits.  WHO, the NHS, the British Lung Foundation, and the British Heart Foundation all now recommend Tai Chi for its health benefits.  Mind recommends physical activity, including Tai chi, to improve mental health.  In these classes we focus on health and wellbeing rather than martial application.

People come to my classes for a range of reasons. Some want to manage chronic physical health conditions. Others are looking for a low impact exercise which improves their fitness or to complement high impact exercise classes with something quieter. Still more are looking to manage stress, fatigue and mental health .

Don’t be fooled into thinking Tai Chi and Qi Gong are easy, or just something for the elderly. This exercise can be physically and mentally demanding but it makes you feel great and people of all ages are now discovering its benefits.

As well as all the other benefits, coming to classes can be a great way to meet people and make new friends.