Classes Resume for 2019

Happy New Year.

Classes start back in 2019 on the following dates:

Monday evening – Horfield Baptist Church – 7.30pm – RESUMES MONDAY 7TH JAN – to book email me on  or book in through Move GB.

Tuesday lunchtime – Bristol University – 1.00pm – RESUMES TUESDAY 15TH JAN (Book through active campus)

Thursday lunchtime – UWE Frenchay – 12.30pm – RESUMES THURSDAY 17TH JAN (Book through UWE Move)

I look forward to seeing you there…..

all the best



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Next week I am running my classes at UWE and Bristol University as part of THIS GIRL CAN week. That means participation is free for women. Follow the links below to sign up for a free session:

For Bristol Uni –  Tuesday 20th November –  1.00pm – 2.00pm. (Students only)  sign up here:

For UWE Bristol – Thursday 22nd November – 12.30pm – 1.30pm.  sign up here:…/thisgirlcan/


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Master Shen Jin comes to Bristol in November

Master Shen Jin will teach a four day Taijiwuxigong course from 1st – 4th November this year.

During the course Shen Jin will teach exercises from the Taijiwuxigong system developed by her late father Dr Shen Hongxun. This will be the first time she has taught Taijiwuxigong in the UK for a number of years and so it is a great opportunity to study with the head teacher of this fantastic Qigong system.

The course is open to all and beginners are most welcome. To sign up go to

If you would like to read more about the Taijiwuxigong system then you can do so here:

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BBC’s Trust me I’m a Doctor says Tai Chi improves health and fitness……

Interesting Episode of Trust Me I’m a Doctor on Wednesday this week.

Quite a few of us are already very clear that Tai Chi has a range of health benefits, but  it’s always great to see some scientific research on the subject and the favourable comparison with Zumba for Fitness and blood pressure results.  – And yes, Tai Chi and Qi Gong is hard work – it is not just waving your hands around!


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Employers Offer: Reduced rates on a 6 week introductory course. Book before World Mental Health Day on 10th October.

Employers, have you ever thought of providing Tai Chi and Qi Gong classes as part of your range of initiatives to promote mental and physical health in the workplace?  Perhaps you are a member of staff who would love to see Tai Chi and Qi Gong being provided at work.  I am currently offering a reduced rate of £400 for a 6 week introductory course if you book before World Mental Health Day on October 10th.

A recent report by mental health charity MIND, found that work is the biggest cause of stress in people’s lives and that poor mental health is now the No.1 reason for staff absence. One of the main reasons why people come to my classes is to get help with stress or mental health problems. This article from Harvard Medical school explains how physical therapies like Tai Chi and Qi Gong can help.

The benefits for your staff will not just be about giving them a break,  calming the mind and energising the body. It will be of particular help to those people who feel under stress, but do not feel that they want to discuss this with you as an employer. MIND found that although half of workers had experienced poor mental health in their current job, half of those people did not feel that this was something they wanted to discuss with their employer.  Providing classes therefore gives you an opportunity to be proactive in improving the mental and physical health of those people who are struggling unseen.

Options for classes can be found on my Business and Organisations page.

If you are interested in providing either a one-off introductory session or regular Tai Chi and Qi Gong class for your staff, then please complete the contact form or email me at and we can discuss your requirements. I generally work in and around Bristol, the West of England and South East Wales. Alternatively, if you are a member of staff who would like to bring Tai Chi to your workplace, just send me the contact details of your HR or Well-being staff member, and I will follow up with them. I currently have several early morning and lunchtime slots available for corporate clients.


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Easter Meditation with Shen Jin

This Easter, Master Shen Jin will run a 5 day meditation retreat at Harper Adams College, Shropshire. Details below:


About Wuxi Meditation

The focus of Wuxi Meditation is to find the Centre of the Mind – the place from where all thought originates. Both Buddha Sakyamuni and Padmasambava spoke of the Golden Light that can be found in this area. Discovering the Golden Light can help to open the door to spiritual development. This meditation can help to change old negative thought patterns, improve health, and awaken latent functions, such as our healing abilities.

You will learn how to use your physical structure to help you stay mentally clear and physically comfortable during the meditation. Most students sit on chairs and so it is perfect for those who find meditation sitting on the floor difficult. Exercises are also taught to help maintain flexibility during the course.

29 March – 2 April in Shropshire

Harper Adams University
TF10 8NB


Course Fee

Accommodation Options
Single room with all meals: £320

Extra night with breakfast on 28 March: £45.60

The majority of the rooms are singles with en-suite showers and the price includes full board and accommodation. Bedding and towels are also provided.

There are a small number of twins/doubles available for couples or families. Please book now if you require one of these rooms!

Camping with no meals: £12 per person per night

Camping with all meals: Please contact us for price quote.

Arrival & Departure
Registration starts at 12 noon on the first day. Lunch is available from 1-2pm and then the course starts at 3pm. On the last day we leave at 2pm after lunch.

Travel information
Call National Travel Enquiries on +44 (0)871 200 2233 for information on train and bus travel links from your main train station or airport.

The nearest airports are Manchester and Birmingham. The nearest railway stations are Stafford (main line) and Telford. The fastest route by train from London is via Euston to Stafford and then by taxi.

Online Booking
Reserve your place for the Shropshire meditation now!

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Calm down for Christmas with Tai Chi

Christmas can be a stressful time of year. Everyone is looking forward to some time off, but for many of us, there is a rush to complete projects and meet deadlines before we can relax and let go.

An article by Harvard Medical School outlines the problems caused by chronic stress. These include anxiety, depression, weight gain, high blood pressure and lack of sleep. Fortunately, says the article, physical movement therapies such as Tai Chi and Qi Gong, which include deep breathing, meditation and mental focus, can help to calm the mind and body.

This year, I am offering one-off Tai Chi sessions for corporate clients. Why not treat your staff to a taster session and give them a lunchtime or morning break? Contact me for more details through the contact page.

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Harvard Medical School says Tai Chi can help to combat long term chronic stress.

It’s no secret that long term chronic stress is bad for us. Our bodies are designed to respond to short term stressful situations with a ‘fight or flight’ response governed by the sympathetic nervous system. When the stressful situation is over, the parasympathetic nervous system takes over and promotes the ‘rest and digest’ response that calms the body down. These days, many of us are living with chronic stress brought on by difficult work or family situations, or just the heady pace of everyday life. Chronic stress keeps the fight or flight response activated, and prevents the parasympathetic nervous system from calming the body down.

In an article published by Harvard Medical School, the physical and mental health issues caused by chronic stress are highlighted. Over time, repeated activation of the stress response takes a toll on the body. Research suggests that chronic stress contributes to high blood pressure, promotes the formation of artery-clogging deposits, and causes brain changes that may contribute to anxiety, depression, and addiction. More preliminary research suggests that chronic stress may also contribute to obesity, both through direct mechanisms (causing people to eat more) or indirectly (decreasing sleep and exercise).

Fortunately, says the article, there are ways to help combat long term chronic stress. Movement therapies such as Tai Chi and Qi Gong promote deep breathing and mental focus, and create a state of calm in our mind and body.

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I have a new beginners Tai chi and Qi Gong class starting on Gloucester Road on 30th October.

Details: Monday Evenings  7.30 – 8.30 pm at Horfield Baptist Church. Access from Brynland Avenue

Class is drop in but spaces each week are limited to book through me please:

If you book and find you are unable to come then please let me know so that someone else can have your place.

Can’t make this class but want to try Tai chi and Qi Gong?

I have two other classes running on a Wednesday and Thursday lunchtime at UWE Bower Ashton and Frenchay campuses. Classes are open to the public. All you have to do is join UWE’s Off the Wall programme which costs £20.00 per year and gives you access to lots of other activities- weekly classes are then free  – a no-brainer!!!

Otherwise, have a look at my classes page and you can see a range of classes with other teachers working with the same system across Greater Bristol.

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