Wuxi Meditation

Meditation is at the heart of Tai Chi and Qi Gong practice. Good meditation practice is not just about relaxation, but about finding the centre of the mind, using good body posture and breathing exercises as a foundation. Wuxi meditation has the power to quieten the mind, change negative thought patterns and turn emotion around. It has a cleansing effect on the body and re-balances the nervous system.

Wuxi Meditation is based on the original practice of the Dao of the Golden light, a form of Zen meditation (Chan in Chinese) and was developed by Dr Shen Hongxun. Dr Shen studied Buddhist and Daoist meditation techniques for over 50 years and carried a full Lamaic lineage. He was given permission to be a teaching Lama by his teacher Lama Fahai but chose to teach in a non-religious framework.  Since Dr Shen’s passing, his daughter Shen Jin gives annual Golden Light Meditation retreats in the UK.

Wuxi meditation includes three elements. First, stretching and opening the body – Good body posture provides the foundation for healthy meditation practice, and this is sometimes neglected when people focus only on relaxation during meditation. Second, the use of breathing techniques, sound vibration and mantras. Third, finding the centre of the mind – the place where all thought originates.  

I include Wuxi meditation as part of my Tai chi and Qi Gong sessions. I also teach Wuxi meditation sessions separately. Each session last 30 minutes and covers the three elements above.

Further information about Golden Light meditation can be found at the Buqi Institute, and at Heaven Mountain Taijiquan College.