UK National Tai Chi Website

Dr Shen Tai Chi UK is the Uk national website for all things related to Dr Shen Hongxun’s systems of Tai Chi, Qigong, Meditation and Buqi healing. The site has been up and running for a while. It can help you find out more about this amazing system of exercises for health, healing and happiness.

The resource includes listings of Uk based teachers and Buqi practitioners. We have all been personally trained to the highest standards by either Dr Shen or his daughter Shen Jin. If you come to one of our classes, you won’t just be learning moves, or waving your arms around. You will have the opportunity to learn about and really understand the principles of Tai Chi. This system is about understanding your body and mind, and learning how to heal yourself.

So if you are not able to make my classes, you can find information about classes run by other teachers in the area. If you are not local to Bristol, you may well be able to find an alternative teacher on the UK national website. There is also a class listing and a map-based resource which can show you where classes are being held. In addition to all that, some teachers also run online classes, and the site also provides information on these.

Although Dr Shen died in 2011, His daughter Shen Jin is now Director and head of the Buqi Institute. Shen Jin visits the UK regularly. The Dr Shen Tai Chi UK website will give you information on upcoming courses. If you are not in the UK, have a look at the Buqi institute website for information on courses or classes in your country:

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