Tai Chi in the park is back

Tai chi in the park Bristol

Tai chi in the park

The weather is warming up (hopefully!) and its time to start thinking about Tai Chi in the park again for the summer.

There will be no limit to the size of the group this year, so all are welcome. This class will focus on learning Tai Chi form. This is Dr Shen’s Taiji 37 form, which is based on Yang style. It is a perfect class for beginners as we are starting from scratch. We will also do some standing Qi Gong exercises. For a flavour of what we will be doing, have a look at the video clip here

The aim is to start on Tuesday 20th April (weather and temperature permitting).

The location is Muller Road Recreation Ground from 6.00 – 7.00pm.

If you would like to book a place for Tai chi in the park, please email me on claire@taichibodyandmind.co.uk or use the contact form.

The aim will be to continue this class indoors in the Autumn provided a suitable location can be found. It is important to remember that learning the form is more about the process than it is about knowing all the moves, so however much you learn over the summer, you will be getting the usual mental and physical health benefits of doing Tai Chi and Qi Gong.  

In the meantime our other classes are continuing online. If we have good weather, we may also take the Tai chi / Qi Gong class outdoors on some days.

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